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Instructions for TYUT CSC scholarship Application

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Instructions for TYUT CSC scholarship Application

Step 1:

Please login to the following URL:, click “Scholarship Application for Students”, and you will see the following page.



Step 2:

Click “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” to create your account and register your information.





Step 3:

When you finish the registration processing, an e-mail will be sent to you and you click the link enclosed to activate your account.








Step 4:

Return to the login page and log in to the website with your own email and the password you have set up.



Step 5:

Now you apply according to the instructions of the CSC Information System and click “Application online” to open the following page.






Step 6:

For “Program Category”, please check B; and for “Agency No.”, please enter 10112 and save, you will see “Taiyuan University of Technology”.



Step 7:

Then you fill in the information and upload the files as required. When you are finished with all the information filling, you will click Yesin the next page to confirm your application and submit.





Step 8:

Once you confirm the application submit you can print your application form. You can also withdraw and edit your application.



NOTE: Before you choose the major you want to study, please go to to select one from the majors that are provided in the TYUT programs so that your application can be processed successfully!!!

If you select a major that are not offered by TYUT, your application will be deemed invalid and your application directly returned.